RECOMMENDED  READING  LIST

                     "Intro to Paleo", A. James
                     "The Cantin Ketogenic Diet", E. Cantin
                     "Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution", R.C. Atkins
                     "Breaking the Vicious Cycle", E. Gottschall
                 *   "Practical Paleo", Sanfilippo/Staley/Wolf
                 *   "Everyday Paleo", S. Fragoso
                 *   "Make It Paleo", Staley/Mason/Sisson
                 *   "Against All Grain", D. Walker
                     "Why We Get Fat", G. Taubes
                     "Death by Food Pyramid", D. Minger
                     "The Paleo Manifesto", J. Durant
                     "The Calorie Myth", J. Bailor
                     "Living Low Carb", Dr. J. Bowden
                      "Dr. Bernsteins Diabetes Solution"
                        R.K. Bernstein, MD
                      "Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue"
                        K.R. Simpson, MS
                      "The Paleo Solution", R. Wolf & L. Cordain
                  *   "Nourishing Traditions", S. Fallon & M. Enig
                      "The Whole Soy Story", Dr. K. Daniel
                      "Kiss Your Fat Goodbye", G. Null

                      "The Protein Power Lifeplan", Drs. M. Eades
                      "Wheat Belly", Dr. Davis

                      "Grain Brain", Dr. Perlmutter
                      "Cholesterol Clarity", J. Moore, Dr. Westman
                      "Honest Medicine", J. Schopick
                      "Orthomolecular Medicine", Drs. Hoffer & Saul
                      "Nutrition & Physical Degeneration", Dr. Price
                   *  "Eat Fat, Lose Fat", Dr. Enig & S. Fallon
                      "Primal Body, Primal Mind", N. Gedgaudas
                      "Diet Wise", Dr. Scott-Mumby

                      "The Art and Science of Low Carb Living"
                        J.S. Volek, PhD,RD & S.D. Phinney, MD,PhD
                      "The Art & Science of Low Carb Performance"
                        J.S. Volek, PhD,RD & S.D. Phinney, MD,PhD
                      "Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms?"
                        D. Kharrazian, DHSc,DC,MS
                      "Gut and Psychology Syndrome"
                        N. Campbell-McBride, MD

                 * paleo/primal cookbooks


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