1. I have struggled with my weight most of my life and when I had kids I totally "blew" out my thyroid, making it even harder to lose weight. I had been sick most of my life, so I had already tried many healing diets: macrobiotics, ayurvedic, whole foods, raw, etc and while they all helped, by the time I hit menopause nothing was working and Id given up. I am a blood type o and while I know that type does well with animal protein, I was philosophically a vegetarian and the thought of eating animal flesh grossed me out.

    My first consultation with Arnold was spent reviewing my diet, which foods to avoid, which were beneficial, what supplements to take, along with links to websites, books and research backing the Paleo diet. I have to be honest here, I am a Intuitive Health, Wellness and Detox Coach who has tried it all and was hard pressed to try one more "diet". I was a tough case to convince. Frankly, I did not care about the research. I had it up to my ears in research Yet, when he said i could eat dark chocolate(dipped in sour cream or almond butter) my ears perked up and that got my attention. I thought cool, if I can lose weight eating protein, fat, vegetables, green drinks, kombucha, coconut water, dark chocolate and continue juicing- Im down! Although I wondered as I was already eating very clean, so the only difference would really be adding the animal protein and fats.

    Two months later, my clothes are smaller , clients and friends are commenting on my weight loss and how much better my skin looks. I am delighted and feel like for once in 20 years, I will finally get down to my ideal weight!!!

    Arnold is a devoted and super supportive Paleo Consultant and Nutritionist. His consultations are filled with practical, well researched information. He has a wealth of knowledge and is passionate teacher and healer. I am incredibly grateful to him for his constant support and reassurance, as I was like a wild horse bucking him the whole ride. My resistance was strong and he never gave up, knowing I would come to my senses and ultimately reach my goal of losing the weight and having more energy.

    Leila Sun
    Intuitive Health, Wellness and Detox Coach
    Specializing in helping people with chronic health challenges and
    Lyme disease feel more alive and energized.

  2. Although i am not a client, I have changed my diet several times in an effort to treat my chronic pain. The pain is caused by ehlers-danlos, osteoarthritis and firbo. Here is my experience: Years ago, I tried a clean Vegan diet. I had more energy but no change in pain. At the time my mother was also a vegan, worked out like a feen and was still over weight. As of February 2014, I started eating a ketogenic diet, like the inuits, and many good things have happened! My pain was reduced by 50%! I lost 30 lbs (bmi from 33 to 22.5) and my blood pressure and pulse has gone down. Plus, my HDL is up and my LDL and triglycerides are down. Now those are realitive markers! I would encourage anyone that is overweight, has inflammation, fibro or yeast issues to try this way of eating. It has given me my life back!