Tuesday, March 26, 2013


                                             THE PALEO PYRAMID

   Almost everything you have ever been taught or told about nutrition and "healthy" eating is wrong, including the USDA "food pyramid".... As a nutritionist, I found this out the hard way when I was motivated to study the science behind digestion and gut health....
   I am not going to go into the biochemistry of digestion on this blog, there are references listed for those that wish to learn more. What I am going to do is provide basic guidelines and a "Healing Protocol", as well as questions & answers for those who wish to pursue a Paleo way of living.
   To begin with, changing one's dietary habits to Paleo requires a FIRM commitment to follow STRICT guidelines for the first six weeks, followed by weekly reintroductions of specific foods. I have seen unbelievable results in a wide variety of diagnosis, from Bipolar Disorder to MS and Cancer, and everything in between. Restructuring your dietary habits are only the first step, but is the basis for all the subsequent steps, and is usually the most difficult for people to accomplish.... but it CAN BE DONE, and is definitely worth the effort. Google "images" and research Paleo diet....

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