Thursday, December 26, 2013


That's what your health, or rather, the lack of good health, means to certain businesses... primarily BIG Pharma, CON Agra, quite a few major Universities, the FDA, and many members of the AMA and ADA...

Yes, I am hardly the first to mention this... but it bears repeating, most importantly because you have been continuously mislead by all of the above...

NO, (CL) in your water, (BR) in your spa & (F) in your toothpaste are NOT healthy,
NO, mercury amalgams in your mouth are NOT harmless,
NO, vaccines are NOT without consequence,
NO, most prescription meds are NOT a panacea,
NO, supplements are NOT worthless,
NO, saturated fats do NOT make you fat,
NO, polyunsaturated fats are NOT beneficial,
NO, sugar is NOT a food "group",
NO, whole grains are NOT good for you,
NO, homogenization and pasteurization of dairy do NOT benefit you,
NO, "farmed" fish and shrimp are NOT clean,
NO, "modern" farming methods are NOT healthy, sustainable, or ethical,
NO, "GMO's" are NOT harmless, and,
NO, "organic" is not necessarily better...

-just to name a few...

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